We're a fitness & lifestyle brand, so we've got to say a few dull but relevant things that are in direct reference to our training programmes and social media workout posts; so if you're just here for the clothing and a good time, and couldn't give a bakers obvious about working out, don't worry about this page.

The boring (but important) bit: 

Ace of Iron Apparel® Ltd is subject only to the laws of the United Kingdom of Great Britain (UK). The use of any of our training programme(s), and workouts contained within, or those workouts posted to our social media platforms, are to be used and participated in solely at your own risk, and by purchasing these product(s) from us, or by participating in any of our social media workouts, you agree to exactly that; and acknowledge that you are in agreement with all points raised in this disclaimer. You should consult your physician/GP (general practitioner) or other healthcare professional before training to determine if it is right for your needs. DO NOT start any of our training programmes or social media workouts if your physician/GP or other healthcare provider advises against it. If you have any concerns at any time for your health & safety, and/or experience any faintness, dizziness, pain, or shortness of breath AT ANY TIME while exercising you should STOP IMMEDIATELY. If you have any concerns or questions about your general health, you should always consult a healthcare professional or your GP/Physician. If you believe you are having a medical emergency, contact 999 immediately.

Ace of Iron Apparel® Ltd therefore FULLY DISCLAIM ANY AND ALL LIABILITY for ANY incidental or consequential damages and assumes NO RESPONSIBILITY for ANY INJURY OR DAMAGE suffered BY ANY PERSON as a result of participating in any of our training programmes or social media workouts. 

Other points of acknowledgement, that you also agree with by purchasing any of our programmes, or participating in any of our social media workouts, include: 

  • That you will take all precautions to ensure your own safety when working out. 
  • That you are adequately warmed up before commencing any workout. 
  • That you conduct a relevant cool down / stretch off routine after completion of any workout. 
  • That you utilise spotters if/when needed to ensure your safety in line with bullet point 1. 
  • That you are not training with any ongoing injuries or illness. 

Lastly, WE ARE NOT PERSONAL TRAINERS, nor have we ever claimed to be, but our fitness journey over the years has taken us from civilians to Royal Marines Commandos, and since leaving the military, to frontline roles as NHS Paramedics & Nurses. That journey has been one of self-discovery, and we’re passing on the knowledge we’ve gained from it (which formulate our social media workouts and training programmes) on to you to enjoy, and as a result, are only ever a training ‘guide’ only. These training programmes and social media workouts are purely what ‘we’ conduct/have conducted; we are not ‘you’

We're not here to be the morale police, but modern soceity dictates the need to say these things...

We appreciate your support and understanding.