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Ace of iron apparel



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Not only is this t-shirt as durable as its colleagues, its also perfect for conducting night time raids in environments that require some subtle camouflage (why things are scene and all that), or when you don’t want your competitors to see you coming. I mean... they might do, but it'll definitely help.

• Unisex
• Colour: Black Heather
• Fit: Athletic (*1)
• Fabric: 90% Cotton/10% Polyester
• Feel: Lightweight and Breathable
• Center print: AOIA Logo (Woodland Camo)
• Right arm print: Skull
• Inside print: Logo/label

• Wash when dirty!
• Iron inside out on a "low heat" setting only
• Hand wash or 30 degree gentle wash recommended
• Air drying is recommended over tumble drying
• Only tumble dry (if you must*) on a "low heat"
• Be cautious when air drying in direct sunlight*

*We can't be held responsible for poor tumble dryer or laundry discipline. Note that excessive sun exposure when air drying outside for example can cause some subtle colour changes.

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